On hurting people without meaning to

I’ve just been jolted out of an uneasy sleep in an uncomfortable aircraft seat by a food trolley. The absent minded trolley pusher rammed the trolley into my knee. I can only imagine it wasn’t intentional, so I can’t really be cross, even if it a) hurt, and b) woke me up. 

It seems like a good day for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

DB bashed me with my suitcase as he lifted it out of the car. The guy behind me at security bashed me with his tray while trying to juggle with it, his paperwork, a phone and his bag. A lady bashed me with her bag when she turned round waiting for boarding. 

I don’t much appreciate being bashed, yet none of those bashes were on purpose. No one set out to hurt me, they just did, without realising until afterwards, or in the case of the lady, not at all. And they all apologised (except the lady).

I wonder how many more times people will bash me before I get to my brother’s house. I wonder how many times it’ll take before I actually get cross with the basher.

I wonder how much I hurt people by mistake, just by living, just by going about my day. I wonder how many people I hurt without even realising it. Not just by wielding my suitcase carelessly, but also with my words, my choices, my actions. I wonder how many of those people never say anything, how many wait until they’re really mad at the world in general to snap and say something, or yell something.

3 thoughts on “On hurting people without meaning to

  1. Oh dear, you’re having a difficult journey! I hope it improves greatly. Hang in there, Jesska, and thanks for the reminder to be deliberate in our actions and words.
    xo, BB

    1. Hey! Welcome to my world! 🙂

      It was a fairly standard journey if I’m honest, unless you mean my life, in which case, yes…at the moment it’s a difficult journey ;).

      I don’t normally notice all the bashes along the way, for some reason, today I did.. I think maybe I’m more sensitive than usual, or perhaps I’m not as aware of what’s going on around me, and didn’t/couldn’t get out of the way quickly enough..

      Either way. Thank you for reading and commenting, I wish you all the best in your deliberation 🙂

  2. Hoe you enjoy a “bash free”day for the rest of it. I think that sometimes we are just in the moment to think these thoughts, on another day you wouldn’t have. From personal experience I know that I notice/feel things more depending on my own mood. I recommend chocolate (but then, that is what I recommend at any and all times) 🙂

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