On chopping boards and wonky cupboards

H – yes, this is another story about H – made us matching chopping boards at the weekend. He needed one and apparently making an extra one isn’t much extra effort.

He brought it round yesterday evening.

It is beautiful, like all his woodwork is beautiful. I am very impressed.

It still needs oiling, but I (and he) wanted to see what it looked like in the kitchen. Or rather, in his case, whether it fit the way he was expecting it to.

He built it to go over the hob and/or the sink so there’s more work space.

It fitted. (Quelle surprise ;)). It’s raised just high enough not to scrape across the hob surround or the sink, and the raised edges are just far enough apart to keep it from sliding about on the counter.

It’s perfect.


The only tiny thing wrong with it, is something that unfortunately makes it unusable.

It wobbles.

H was not amused. When he makes things, they don’t wobble. There must be some other reason for the wobbling.

He went off to find a spirit level.

Turns out my entire kitchen is wonky.

The floor, the cupboards, the work tops, the sink. Everything.

And all the wonkyness is different. There are no straight lines, no parallel lines, no perpendicular lines.

There’s no sense in changing the chopping board to match the kitchen if I’m liable to move out, so we’ll have to change the kitchen to match the chopping board.


Is that obvious?

It is to H.

This may turn out to be a bigger Job than he thought….


To be continued.

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