On chopping boards and perfectly accurate worktops

We did it! 🙂

A couple of hours of chaos and a large pot of leek& potato soup later and the kitchen is now close to perfectly accurately straight, level, aligned… You name it, it probably is it.

It is quite an experience to watch someone take your rental kitchen to pieces… and then put it back together better than before.

And the best part? No stress. I haven’t worked with many people who can concentrate for several hours and still not get ruffled by unexpected things happening (or making unwanted discoveries). There was no shouting, no throwing things, no snide remarks, no kicking doors, no questions about who even thought of the idea.. It was very enjoyable. And informative. And more than a bit unbelievable.

And we’re finished. The fridge and oven are back in their rightful homes, the worktop is 17mm higher on one side than it was this morning. There’s a new piece of structural wooden panel in place, the screws are all the right length and with matching heads, the lines are parallel or perpendicular, and the chopping board no longer wobbles.


Talking of the chopping board, it’s currently soaking in the first coat of oil. I’m not sure how many coats it’s going to need – apparently this kind of oil “dries” so you put on as many layers as the wood soaks in, and polish the last layer off. The last layer being the one that doesn’t/can’t soak in.

I will hopefully be able to use it when K gets here at the weekend.. *excited about both events* 🙂

2 thoughts on “On chopping boards and perfectly accurate worktops

    1. Erm…?? Not sure what you mean..? I just went back to look for “other events” and could only find “both events”.. By which I meant a) Having K over to stay, and b) finally being able to use the chopping board to chop things on – it’s still soaking in oil at a tremendous rate of knots..

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