On sunshine and other surprises

Sometimes, when it rains, you find rainbows in unexpected places

But sometimes weather forecasts lie and it hardly rains at all, despite dismal threats of torrential downpours..

“heavy rain” – day 1 of 3.

“heavy rain” – day 2 of 3

“heavy rain” – day 3 of 3

Sometimes it wouldn’t matter how much it rained because your hotel is actually a boat

Sometimes ferocious beasts live on the top floor of multi-storey buildings

Sometimes dangerous bridges need crossing (and sometimes they’re not as scary in real life as they are in your head)

Sometimes all you really need is a borrowed bike and a bench by the sea


Sometimes you go somewhere thinking it will be good, and it is; you go, you enjoy it and you come home content.

Sometimes you think something will be good and you’re disappointed when it isn’t.

Sometimes, and I think this is maybe the best kind, you don’t really know what you’re expecting so you hope it will be ok (or good), and prepare for rain (literal or figurative) just in case, and then are amazed by how wrong you were, because it turns out so much better than you could have expected.

This was one of those weekends.


One which is (going to be) memorable for more than just being good, because although not all of it was sunshine, the tears were somehow necessary and healing.

One where knocking over the Jenga blocks means you can start redesigning the tower.

One that wasn’t exactly “perfect”, but feels better than perfect because it was real. All of it.

One I’m glad to have had the pleasure of experiencing.

Thank you, world.



This is probably a good motto:

I consider lying on a huge wooden platform soaking up the sun and watching the world go by a good use of heartbeats

So is stopping to smell the roses during the only rainy patch of the weekend

7 thoughts on “On sunshine and other surprises

  1. Love your photos and the thoughts attached. That four master yacht pic is amazing! and such a beautiful shade of colour on that rose! Well done!

    Glad the weekend was a great one. 🙂

    1. Thank you! The rose garden was still doing really well considering I visited at the end of September. I was surprised that most bushes still had flowers. And yes, the yacht was quite something. Arriving and seeing it all lit up like that was pretty incredible – “Whoa! That’s where I’m sleeping tonight??! Cooooool!” The photo on their website didn’t do it justice.

      So am I 🙂 Now to start picking up all those jenga bricks..

        1. Yup.. I think you’re right there..
          You know that feeling when you’ve been sitting for a while with your legs and arms crossed and then you move and afterwards you can’t get back to how you were originally sitting and any new position feels really weird and somehow wrong..? It’s kinda like that for the bricks.. They can’t go where they were, but they don’t know where to be instead. I think it’s going to take several attempts and some time to work out where they go best.

          Thank you 🙂 Some of it is funner than the rest..

  2. You’re quite welcome Jess.

    I think i know exactly what you mean. 😉

    (P.S. I’ve recently tried not using Google or Chrome out of privacy concerns/clogging my computer up with unidentified junk and am on Firefox. Wordpres and my firefox don’t get along all that well and won’t let me make comments here – but i can leave likes? The only way i can comment is going back to Google Chrome, the one your wordpress wasn’t co-operating with before!

    it’s a funny old world… you know the rest!) 🙂

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