On waiting for good things

It’s bad enough that it’s taken me a week to post this picture of thick, gloopy, Spanish hot chocolate.

It’s worse that it took me almost a year to make it.

It feels like it’s time to start doing/eating/drinking the good things and stop waiting for “someday” or the right day or any other kind of day except today.


Happy NaBloPoMo, all ye who are joining the madness 🙂

4 thoughts on “On waiting for good things

    1. I don’t really have a recipe.. I bought a bar of “chocolate for hot chocolate” while I was in Spain. You heat milk in a saucepan and add a couple of squares and stir till they melt and continue stirring until it’s like thin custard, kind of gloopy.. I think it has rice flour in, not sure what the flour to cocoa ratio would be if you were starting from scratch..

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