On putting out other peoples’ fires

I saw this as I was walking to the supermarket:

Seldom smoke without fire..

So I went to investigate. As you do.

I like fire, generally, if it’s contained and/or supervised. I don’t much appreciate fires living by themselves in my town.

I stomped out the flames but didn’t have any way to do anything with the embers.


…I left it smoking gently to itself and went shopping.

One bottle of water was almost enough to put it all out, the second silenced all the hissing sticks and the third turned the whole thing into a soggy ashy gloopy mess.

My phone didn’t know quite what to make of it..

And then I picked up the unnecessary fourth bottle and the three empty bottles and the rest of my shopping and went home.

The end.

5 thoughts on “On putting out other peoples’ fires

  1. I reported a fire in a tree in the backcountry once. Had to cut my hike short and then drive out to cell service. Then when I got 911 they thought it was a hoax. Finally got them to give me to the forest service. They believed me. Met them at the trailhead and showed them where it was.

    There had been a fire several months earlier. It had got into a big oak tree and smoldered way for all that time until something gave way and it could get oxygen.

    Not the first time this had happened my wife reported a fire on the hillside behind the elementary school close to us and they didn’t believe her. I guess they assume it is a fraud unless it has been reported multiple times.

    1. That’s really good! Both of you.
      It’s amazing how long fire can ‘hibernate’ and almost crazier that they didn’t believe you when you told them. I hate that there are so many people prepared to hoax call the various services that they don’t assume everyone is telling the truth.

      (I had to approve your comments, so I’m assuming you’re new here even though I thought you’d been here before.. Welcome to my world 🙂 )

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