On living a disappointingly boring life

Among the things I don’t actually know to be scientifically proven but assume to be true based on observation, risk-addiction doesn’t appear to be genetic.

Some people do a lot of crazy, scary, dangerous, adventurous, amazing, story-worthy things with their lives.

Some don’t.

I, unfortunately, am firmly ensconced within the second group, where I am safe from lions and guns and live wires and other such exhilarating things, but am also disappointingly, cringe-inducingly boring and wimpy…and am even scared of the possiblity of having nightmares involving doing the things other people want to do in real life.

Such is the way of these things.


12 thoughts on “On living a disappointingly boring life

  1. Be assured that you are among a very large majority who live their lives exactly as they would wish, without the need for daily exhilarating challenges, or the need to be seen as a go getter! The world could not exist without us.

  2. Hmmm… Just me but I can’t imagine life without a little exhilaration, even if it is just in my imagination. Not knowing what’s going to happen next or what’s around the corner is part of the fun for me. Like seeing a bear or a rattlesnake on a hike.

    1. There’s something in that. And I think I have to agree. At least partially…..not sure I need to see bears or rattlesnakes, but I absolutely don’t want to get stuck in a routine where I know everything in advance

    1. That’s true.. Kind of πŸ™‚
      I had some words handed to me that I didn’t appreciate and I had to get it out of my system. The anger and hurt and tears and all the other things overrode the fear of writing.

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