On missing my Ks

I use various instant messaging apps on my phone. Just now, I opened one, and all the Ks were missing, from all the words. ​ Just imagine a world with no Ks. Edit: my brother says that it was very k-less of me to lose them…

On new telephones

Once upon a time there was one glasblower, one phone and one number. A little while later, a second glassblower arrived. Shortly after his arrival, there was a small argument resulting in a second phone and a second number. Time passed. Last year, I strolled onto the scene and used the first phone without so […]

On what I learnt at circus school today

Keeping a group of seven 7-12 year old boys together for 2 hours while changing rooms 12 times (circuit training) is a challenge. Keeping your cool even more so 😉 They are amazingly willing to please, as long as you tell them EXACTLY what you want them to do and why… Ok, so they still […]