On invisible productivity

On Saturday DB tidied the garage, set up the beamer for the football match, collected the sun umbrella and more garden chairs from his parents’ house, went shopping and made dinner. In the same time, I read and played with the computer. (I learned about installing and setting up networks with Linux, tested a couple […]

On changing sides

-or how I waged war on the workshop- This morning I left my role of victim and became the perpetrator. This morning I asked/told my colleague about my brilliant idea. He took it far better than I thought he was going to, simply replying sardonically; “it’s a good thing you don’t go on holiday more […]

On perceived productivity

Why is it, on some days getting out of bed counts as productive already, and others -like today- I can wash my hair, help out at Sunday school, clear and sort my kitchen, sort out a folder of certificates and ‘important’ papers, think about Christmas presents for people, decorate a pinboard, write 3 emails (one […]