On winter flowers

I don’t know many plants that flower in winter, in my head none had big poofy blooms. Then I accompanied DB on a work trip, calling in at his workshop en route. I am now better educated. Trees do blossom in January. Especially mostly neglected trees kept in corridors. This particular corridor is only marginally […]

On molecules and foreigners in the workshop

Earlier this week: My soon-be-ex-colleague is sitting at a table with 2 or 3 others drinking beer. I’m at my work bank, making prettifull molecules* for a couple of people who have just graduated/completed their PhDs. An Indian customer comes in with a box of glassware to be repaired. He officially ‘belongs’ to a different […]

On Pidgeons

Today my workshop was invaded by 2 pidgeons. I left for 10-15 minutes to print something in a different room, when I got back, there they were. Apparently they mate for life. I was told that by most of the people who found out about my predicament. Not that it really helped me much. But […]

On going away

I’m going to be away for a week. I’m going back to school to become incredibly clever (I hope), and to catch up on sleep, and to get out of the workshop :). If anyone had told me 10 years ago, that I would one day rate going to school equal to something like freedom, […]

On skiing and looking elegant

– though admittedly not at the same time! On Saturday I went skiing. I also went skiing on Sunday, but I’ve already written about that here. This is going to mess up the chronology of my posts, but hey… deal with it. After 3 weeks of thawing and piffling about snowing-but-not-settling, it finally snowed properly […]

On making your own rules

If I ever have my own workshop (and I would really like to), I would implement the following rules: only the people who believe in me are allowed in no shouting no putting people down nothing which smells bad and/or is likely to be unhealthy if you sniff it is to be brought into or […]

On changing sides

-or how I waged war on the workshop- This morning I left my role of victim and became the perpetrator. This morning I asked/told my colleague about my brilliant idea. He took it far better than I thought he was going to, simply replying sardonically; “it’s a good thing you don’t go on holiday more […]