On beneficial baths

Mostly written last night. This morning it was warm and sunny and I cycled to work in a T-shirt and skirt. Yesterday and most of last week that was no problem. Today however… When I looked out of the window at 5 this evening it was raining. The weather forecast I should ideally have looked […]

On patience

It’s not like I’m never ever patient.. I’m not bad at waiting for busses for instance, or waiting for the stampede to die down when icecream’s being handed out. I’m a glassblower. Patience is part of the job, you can’t want things to happen NOW; either the glass is hot enough (or cold enough, depending […]

For Kate… / (January round-up)

Dear Kate (and anyone else who is under the impression that I live in a pristine house),   I think I need to point something out. My house isn’t pristine. It isn’t even close.   Okay, I have cleaned my toilet more times in January than in the last 2 years put together, and kept […]

, Rants'>

On changing sides

-or how I waged war on the workshop- This morning I left my role of victim and became the perpetrator. This morning I asked/told my colleague about my brilliant idea. He took it far better than I thought he was going to, simply replying sardonically; “it’s a good thing you don’t go on holiday more […]

On crisis cleaning

< or chaos to passable in something like 40 steps > I Crisis Cleaned as mentioned in my last post. This is “how to make your house presentable in lots of hectic steps” – I’ve grouped them roughly by room/area even though they definitely weren’t done in order. It’s probably not an interesting read (unless […]


On ‘fixing’ my face

Fly lady beginner task: “Today I want you get up and get dressed to lace-up shoes when you first get up in the morning. This means fix your hair and face, too. In order for us to change ourselves, we need to remind ourselves of what we are doing. I did this with yellow sticky […]


On getting ahead of myself

Ok. I’ve just found a new page on the site! It’s called getting started and has small steps on for beginners. Maybe I’ll start there instead of tackling that huge list 🙂 The first step is: Shine your sink


On playing “Flyady says”

(-or “Mission One”-) I went through the site and found everything I’m supposed to be doing today/this week. Note: This turned out rather longer and more complicated looking than I wanted it to be. I thought about writing all the bits in their own posts but that would just be silly. However. I don’t need […]