On changing jackets and beds

I have a cycling jacket which I wear when I go cycling.

I have a coat which I wear when I go anywhere (outside) without my bike.

If I am likely to be going anywhere after cycling, or cycling when I get somewhere, I wear one and take the other one with me.

Today, I cycled to work, worked, walked to the station and caught a train to where my driving instructor picked me up. I came straight home after my driving lesson.

Guess which coat I was wearing when I got home this evening?

Guess which coat I put my house key in when I set out this morning?

Bonus points if you also guess who was out and who was asleep when I rung their respective phones and doorbells.


I luckily have a

<Ok. Life is crazier than I could make it up. I got to here in my write-up before Unexpected Things happened. I’ll go back to telling the story in the right order tho..>

I luckily have another set of neighbours who don’t have a copy of my key, but DO have a big sofa. L was in and still awake when I phoned (around 9:30pm I guess).

“Yeah, no problem, come in! I’ll find you a duvet.. Do you want anything to eat? What happened?”

Within very few minutes I had a huge sofa, a blanket, a duvet and half a million cushions.

And it was warm and dry and I didn’t have to go back to work to get my key (which would have been my backup option).

And I could finally go to the toilet 🙂

L finished unloading the dishwasher and fed her animals and we yakked for a bit and watched the dog for a bit before it was time for bed (or sofa).

Instead of instantly falling asleep (which my body wanted), I started writing (because obviously the world needs to know about how I lock myself out..) and then this happened:

L knocks on the door and comes back into the sitting room.. “Jess? I’m really sorry about this.. E (her boyfriend) just phoned. He’s bringing a guy from work home for the night and I don’t think there’s enough room on the sofa for both of you…”

Oh. Well that’s great, I guess I’ll go back to work after all….

“…but I phoned the landlord and he was on his way over anyway so I asked him for your key..”

Uh.. What..? He wasn’t there earlier.. But cool! Am I asleep? Did he really just give you my key?!

“..I’m really sorry to wake you up and bother you..normally you would be really welcome to stay..I didn’t know anything about this guy coming over until just now..I’ll put your key on the table and let you get dressed..”


And that’s how I came to be sleeping in my own bed after all.


On naked v. knackered

For various reasons I am down to one pair of trousers which fits.

I took said pair of trousers off and left them on the bathroom floor while I had a shower. It was already late and I was already sleepy, but sometimes needs must. 

I got out of the shower, looking forward to going to bed and being horizontal. I leaned across the washing rack to open the window to let the steam out…and stepped backwards into a puddle.

That’s odd I thought.. but whatever. I don’t have a shower curtain and sometimes the water runs down my arms and off my elbows onto the floor while I’m washing my hair.

Then I wrapped myself in a towel and picked my clothes up… and dropped them again. They were sopping wet. And smelly.

It seems a stinky puddle of drain water had come back up through the hole in the floor and soaked everything. Eww.


The trousers went into the washing machine and I sat and waited for the peep peep peep to tell me I could hang them up and finally go to bed…


Radiator’s on, hopefully they’ll be dry by tomorrow. If not, I’ll have to find something else to wear… and I’m not sure I have anything that can cope with winter temperatures…


On clothes moths and other assumptions

Another draft-folder post. I’m guessing from May or June this year.


Today, I wore one of my favourite T-shirts to work.

It’s a mottly grey colour with silver stitching. It’s made of viscose and, at least in my opinion – which doesn’t count for much when it comes to clothes – is well cut, in a very casual kind of way.


During lunch my colleague, WorkD, points at me and asks me what I’m going to do about my moth problem.


Until then I wasn’t aware I even had a moth problem*.


He told me I had little holes in my shirt and that I should do something about the moths if I wasn’t already.


He told me that I have the option of lavender or cedar wood, or something chemical. He doesn’t recommend the chemicals, but he’d go for them over doing nothing.


Or you could get wasps. There are varieties that eat moth eggs, and varieties that lay their own eggs in the grubs. Either way, they get rid of the moths.


Or there are pheromone traps…
But you should definitely do something about them immediately – you don’t only have cotton T-shirts, and when they eat their way through your good stuff, you’ll be upset.


I tried to remember ANY piece of clothing in my wardrobe which isn’t made of cotton (or viscose), and couldn’t think of a single thing. As far as I’m aware, I’m not missing out either.

Not that I said anything – I was still thinking about why ‘good stuff’ can’t be made of cotton. And what ‘good stuff’ even is. How is it defined? How are you supposed to decide whether something is ‘good’ or not, other than based on whether you like it and whether it fits. Looks are a matter of taste, what I think looks good on someone, might be thought of as hideous by someone else.

“They prefer leather and wool and natural animal based clothing, but they’ll eat through cotton to get there.”

I don’t wear wool because it makes me itch. I have one pair of leather walking boots and a couple of pairs of not-real-leather shoes. I don’t wear polyester because it usually either makes me sweat like crazy, or squeaks, or just feels unpleasant. I don’t have any silk, but not for any specific reason, I just don’t.

I pity any creature who would choose to eat my walking boots.


I’m on my way home to pick lavender and sprinkle it in the wardrobes. I think I noticed a very small hole in one of DB’s T-shirts while hanging up the washing, I wonder if he’ll appreciate his lavender-scented clothing….


*Actually, that’s not quite true. I know I had a major moth problem in my old house, but they were too busy eating my food to be worried about my clothes.

That was 1 1/2 years ago and I’m glad it counts as history.

On shopping successfully

I don’t much like shopping.

Food-shopping is bearable, clothes-shopping generally isn’t, although it is marginally better than shoe-shopping, and a whole lot better than bra-shopping.

I tend to avoid it if at all possible.


Sometimes life strikes, and I get invited somewhere that calls for something other than jeans.

It seems life has struck.

I have been invited to not one but THREE weddings in the next 2 months.

I have a dress I wear to everything; graduations, parties.. everything. It’s long and dark chocolatey brown and fits and I would have worn it to all the weddings. Luckily none of them know each other, so I can get away with wearing the same outfit if I want. Except after consulting with H and A it became apparent that brown isn’t a good wedding colour. It seems ankle/floor length isn’t a good wedding-watching-dress length either.

Well that sucks.

I’m at home with my folks at the moment.

When I asked my mother for her opinion on what one wears to weddings and told her I was going to wear my brown dress, she suggested we went shopping.

The ensuing groaning noises were ignored, and I was whisked away to a rather lovely city to find something suitable.

3 hours later my brother was considerably more bored and my wallet would have been considerably lighter if I hadn’t paid with plastic.

In the past year I have been on 3 memorable shopping trips, for new things other than food. There may have been other trips, but I don’t remember them.

Each time I have surpassed all expectations and been awed by my success.

Last summer I bought 4 pairs of ‘shoes’ (= 2 pairs of going-out sandals, 1 pair of everyday sandals and 1 pair of summer shoes), last month I bought 4 bras (in just over half an hour before they kicked me out of the shop), and today I bought 4* dresses.

They are all delightful in their own way. If someone had asked me to describe the sort of thing I was looking for I wouldn’t have described any of them, but they are really really pretty and they fit and they weren’t even horrendously expensive.

Sometimes I amaze myself.

I’m going to need more invitations to dress up now.

*no idea what’s going on with all the 4s…