On unempathetic headfighting

I have a handful of friends I very (very, very) rarely see in person. We live too far apart and our lives don’t collide on any kind of regular basis. Instead, we write (and now that corona’s struck, we have more time for more in-depth writing). Technology is a wonderful thing. Except. Except, regardless of […]

On days without news

Usually, the radio goes on when my colleague gets to work, and goes off when I leave. He can’t stand adverts, so we listen to ‘Deutschland Radio’ and ‘Deutschland Radio Kultur’  which generally makes for a good mixture of news and interesting information about a huge range of topics. Anything from book reviews to current scientific […]

On discovering under-used words

Reading old scientifical papers is hardgoing, but occasionally it makes up for it by throwing me a delightful new word..     Any guesses what “quinquennium” means?         no?     I had no idea, but it was too good not to look up…         Turns out it’s a […]