On the day the world didn’t stop turning

Sometimes, when you’re small and still busy growing up, people tell you not to do certain things because otherwise Bad Things will happen. Sometimes, many years later, you do those things anyway, and realise that the world doesn’t actually spontaneously combust, or stop turning or fall on your head. It’s quite a let down in […]

On the magic of new books

Nothing like a brand new book or two to cheer one up, even if they are ‘only’ school books. This pile of brand new school books arrived today. I received them in exchange for a small fortune..  They contain – I hope – the knowledge I need to pass the next lot of exams AND […]

On learning to fly

My colleague made me an aeroplane for my birthday. He’s been away, so I received it yesterday. He explained the technical aspects and showed me how it works. Two days later I still haven’t managed to actually fly it.. ..which he finds hilarious 🙂 Especially because, way back when, he was in exactly my position. […]

On discovering under-used words

Reading old scientifical papers is hardgoing, but occasionally it makes up for it by throwing me a delightful new word..     Any guesses what “quinquennium” means?         no?     I had no idea, but it was too good not to look up…         Turns out it’s a […]

On going back to school – part 2

So….. that was harder than expected. 4 hours is a long time to sit still and listen (never mind learn), especially after a full day at work*. After filling in a million forms and going through the details of what happens when and where, and introducing ourselves, and collecting our textbooks, and filling out yet […]

On going back to school (again)

In half an hour I go back to school. You would have thought that 13 years of normal school, followed by 3 years of glassblowing-school, followed by several months of Meister-glassblowing-school would be enough for anyone. You’d be wrong. You’d be forgiven for thinking that, but you’d still be wrong. Although it depends, I suppose, […]

On remembering and forgetting

It’s amazing what you can remember about things you haven’t done for months. It’s also amazing how much you forget. I’ve skied for 2 of the 4 days. Today is the third day. The first day, getting my boots on without help was the first hurdle, carrying my skis was good, standing up without falling […]

On writing Revision Cards

I have decided to be super organised. Not as organised as I said I would be in October, but still a good sight better than I sometimes am. I have exams in the last week of July. My last ‘block’ (46-50 hours of lessons) is the first week of July. Usually I would finish the […]

On going away

I’m going to be away for a week. I’m going back to school to become incredibly clever (I hope), and to catch up on sleep, and to get out of the workshop :). If anyone had told me 10 years ago, that I would one day rate going to school equal to something like freedom, […]