On complicated coffee

I went out for coffee with a guy from school and his wife today. I’d borrowed some books for him and he was returning them now that school’s over. It was too cold to stand outside the library for long so we decided to find a café. Most cafés don’t appreciate cards, so I went […]

On firsts

Today was a day of firsts. Not only did I drive the best part of 600km across Germany, I also ate at a restaurant by myself :). In addition, there were a whole heap of smaller and/or tiny firsts, including mending/editing the directory of the work’s computer to get it to recognise the user profile, […]

On walking not driving

DB isn’t a natural walker. He says his legs are too short. He’d rather drive. I used to walk or cycle all over the place when I lived by myself, but since moving here I have allowed myself to become lazy. Naja, as a by-product of my many problems and consequent doctors’ visits, we have […]

On cold coffee

I wanted to talk to you.. I did try. Multiple times. I wrote, I texted, I phoned. But you didn’t answer. I’m guessing you won’t read this either, but maybe writing it will get it out of my system. I missed you, you know. I spent a long time missing you. But you know what […]