On complicated coffee

I went out for coffee with a guy from school and his wife today. I’d borrowed some books for him and he was returning them now that school’s over. It was too cold to stand outside the library for long so we decided to find a café. Most cafés don’t appreciate cards, so I went to find an atm while they went to find a suitable café. By the time I joined them, they’d already chosen a table and ordered.

Turns out you can’t go up to the till and add to an existing order, no, that would be too simple. Instead you have to go through a rigmarole involving going to the cake counter to choose a cake, getting a piece of paper with a number instead of a piece of actual cake, going back to the table, giving the paper to the waitress when she comes to take your drink-order, then waiting for her to bring whatever you ordered. You can’t go to the waitress, you can’t get your own drink, you can’t carry your own cake.

Life is complicated. I knew that. I also know that I don’t go out very much ans haven’t had much practice at placing orders in posh cafés. I didn’t know how complicated simple things like ordering cake could be. I also didn’t realise that it’s normal for a slice of cake and a cup of hot chocolate to set you back more than 10€.

In the end my friend from school paid for all of us to say thanks for the books. With the money I didn’t spend in the café, I bought approximately 3 months worth of fish food and 18 plants for my house and balcony, and still got change back. That seems to be a much better way to spend money, even though I really enjoyed meeting up with them and appreciated having a place to sit out of the cold.

8 thoughts on “On complicated coffee

    1. Ooh! A new person – welcome to my world 🙂

      Yeah, it was a good day all round – even the fish thought it was good (new food, bought something I’d never fed them before)

    1. I have absolutely no idea.. I very rarely go to cafés.. on the occasions when I have been in the past, it was a lot less confusing. I’m not sure if it’s a thing only posh cafés do, or if it’s just been ages since I last went to one and they all do it and I’m “out of the know” (if people can be in the know, I can be out of it, right?).

      The cake was pretty good, I enjoyed it, and the hot chocolate was ok too.. neither were huge, neither were really WOW!-worthy, although I think they were both made on site, and out of real ingredients. And it was in a good part of Berlin, where rent is extortionate…

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