On liking colours

I had a very interesting conversation the other day where one topic flowed into the next until we arrived at the following question(s):

Do I have to like one colour more than other colours? Why does it matter what colour something is? Does the colour make any difference in the way things work?

It was like the furthest you can get to racism/colourism except this wasn’t about people, but about things. I am all for ignoring/looking past people’s colour, because the person inside their skin is so much more important than the ‘packaging’, but I feel there’s nothing wrong with choosing a purple T-shirt over a yellow one, purely based on colour.. even if the T-shirts function exactly the same way.

Interesting concept though.. What do you people think?

4 thoughts on “On liking colours

  1. I love colour -in my clothing and in my garden, in my two cushions that glow with poppies, in the throw rug I recently knitted flaunting green, orange and cream.
    I am more partial to a few colours that others perhaps, my summer wardrobe this year has had a lot of red in it but I have had outfits in the past which were favourites, blue and green ones particularly come to mind. And many ears ago I made myself a frock with a gold and black pattern, which sounds garish but was quite lovely.
    Apart.from clothing I do not like interiors of homes that are all muted “nothing”colours, although they look fine and I understand the reasons why people decorate like that, and of course they may not like my throw rug etc!
    But what a dreary world it would be without colour! Can you imagine everything just white, or green, or dark brown, or any one singular colour? Wat a lot we would lose! I’m or celebrating colour in all ways!

    1. Your house (and clothes and garden) sound lovely 🙂 I love colour too, and you’re totally right, imagining the whole world in any one singular colour is horrifying.. I love rainbow things, and often have one each of several colours depending on what it is. I can definitely agree that all colours have their place/raison d’etre, I just can’t get my head around not caring at all about the colour of specific items, or having any kind of preference for particular things. I love yellow sunflowers and wouldn’t want them to be purple, and love orange marigolds and don’t want them green.. but if I have the choice, I wouldn’t want orange cupboards in my kitchen or yellow sofas or brown plates or a pink bath, although people I know are very happy with those choices..

  2. I was first asked what my ‘favorite color’ was in school at age five. I chose yellow, because I was almost the last person asked (I sat in the back of class) and no one else had picked it, so, I felt sorry for it.

    I felt sorry for a color.

    So, I totally get the question.

    1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I get that.. I feel sorry for (and, depending on the situation, buy) the misshapen fruit and veg in the supermarket, or lopsided plants in garden centres, or most things that don’t get picked first..

      I still like some colours more than others and pick them more frequently tho, and I still find it weird that people can have absolutely no preference, so I guess I’m more hypocritical than I ever wanted to be..

      Welcome to my world 🙂 I was quite surprised you were highlighted as a not-yet-approved commenter, I regularly read your name in my notifications list but not realised we’d otherwise only written on your posts…

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