On holes

There’s a hole in my Alfa, dear Liza, a hole. Two holes if you want to be more accurate. A black one if you want to be facetious. *** There’s a hole in my bathroom, dear Liza, a hole. There is now anyway. Luckily. Until this evening it was so blocked up that there wasn’t […]


On timing

Life could be so frigging easy! And yet it isn’t. Yesterday I received notification that I passed the project part of my last exam, and am invited to defend it on the 29th. That means sorting out a presentation. It’s almost 2 weeks away. No problem. Except. I’m away for a long weekend at a […]

On sleeping in my car

Okay, so it was nothing like a Roxette song, but it was an adventure. There’s not much more freeing than packing your stuff into the back of your own car and driving into the sunset. And there’s not much more grown up than realising when you are really really tired and should stop to sleep […]