On a platform strewn with confetti hearts

20160610_201037.jpgI missed what happened, I just saw the aftermath – a million (more or less) shiny red hearts.

I don’t know why they were there, but it made an otherwise unmemorable platform a little bit more special.

Do people get engaged on platforms of busy stations?
Set off on their honeymoon?
Are some people met by confetti throwers when they get back from wherever they’ve been?

I have no idea, but I hope each of those hearts – and there were a lot – stands for a handful of special moments for whoever was involved.

On hoping for the best

I hope the paramedics got there in time.
He was crouching on the ground holding his hands over his heart and his eyes were wet with tears.

I was on the way to the platform, on the way to work.

I pointed him towards the doctor’s door (10m further) and then remembered she doesn’t get in until late on a Monday. I reached for my phone, but before I’d taken it out of my pocket, two ladies bustled out of a cafĂ© and towards the man. One of them was holding a phone.  I asked if they’d call for help and they nodded and rushed past me, one to the man and one to the side of the road.

I left them to it and carried on towards the platform.

I really really hope they can do something for him…