I write about things. Sometimes. Welcome to my world.

On waiting for good things

It’s bad enough that it’s taken me a week to post this picture of thick, gloopy, Spanish hot chocolate. It’s worse that it took me almost a year to make it. It feels like it’s time to start doing/eating/drinking the good things and stop waiting for “someday” or the right day or any other kind […]

On sunshine and other surprises

Sometimes, when it rains, you find rainbows in unexpected places But sometimes weather forecasts lie and it hardly rains at all, despite dismal threats of torrential downpours.. “heavy rain” – day 1 of 3. “heavy rain” – day 2 of 3 “heavy rain” – day 3 of 3 Sometimes it wouldn’t matter how much it […]

On time management

Dear WWF campaigners, I’m no time management expert, but I have a suggestion for you.. If you smile as you accost me on my way between the train and the bus and ask me for ONE minute of my time, I might actually choose to honour your request. Here’s where I think there’s room for […]

On certifiable safety

I don’t really understand what goes on behind the screen, so when I got the second message from a reader who couldn’t open my website without immense risk, I asked the experts. They did something, and now it works again. I think. If it doesn’t, please let me know..

On magic-crushing photos

I went out to dinner tonight, wearing my new dress*. It’s made of flowing material that swirls around my knees when I walk. It’s neither tight nor sack-like and it hangs well, I felt good, good enough to think I might look good too. When I got back, I still felt good so I asked […]

On buying and selling dresses

I bought a dress at the weekend! People who know me or have been reading for a while know that doesn’t happen very regularly, and that it is usually a fraught experience when it happens. Not so this time. I bought it from my favourite sales lady at the market in the next town. She’s […]

On movement (DTW)

“No movement is thought of as sexual or embarrassing when you’re little.. It’s just movement. Just an experiment. Little kids are still discovering themselves. Dancing is also self discovery. No brain required, just you and your body and the music……and the other people”

On education and psychological words

Today’s dance teacher wisdom: “Without primary schools, there would be no universities. Unis don’t teach you anything really new, they just build on what you already know. Primary school is where you really learn new things.” And also: “When you say, ‘I can’t do that’ you take a step back. When you ask, ‘how can […]

On automattic posting

This morning I found a notification of a new WordPress comment on my phone. That’s generally a very cool thing. I love it when people write comments in response to things I’ve written. This comment, however, was about a post I wrote in December, and which I, for some currently unknown reason, decided not to […]

On taking an ice pack to bed

This was written in December.. This morning (June 22nd), several posts were published from my draft folder.. I didn’t press publish… Skybright commented on this one so I’m leaving it up. I’ve reconsigned the others to my draft folder where they belong. I will have to investigate what happened.. *** I am usually very much […]

On not packing

It’s Thursday. I leave on Saturday*. Between now and then, I have 2 days of work and a session of afterschool maths to fit in, each with travel time. Then there’s a balconyful of plants to water (it’s 30+ degrees here), an aquarium to replant, a flat to tidy up and lots of washing to […]

On unexpected guests

Friday A friend from a place I used to work is coming over for the weekend. She had some kind of conference during the week and added a few days holiday since she was here. We’d planned to meet in the city and do touristy things and were working out the details. And then she […]