On changing jackets and beds

I have a cycling jacket which I wear when I go cycling.

I have a coat which I wear when I go anywhere (outside) without my bike.

If I am likely to be going anywhere after cycling, or cycling when I get somewhere, I wear one and take the other one with me.

Today, I cycled to work, worked, walked to the station and caught a train to where my driving instructor picked me up. I came straight home after my driving lesson.

Guess which coat I was wearing when I got home this evening?

Guess which coat I put my house key in when I set out this morning?

Bonus points if you also guess who was out and who was asleep when I rung their respective phones and doorbells.


I luckily have a

<Ok. Life is crazier than I could make it up. I got to here in my write-up before Unexpected Things happened. I’ll go back to telling the story in the right order tho..>

I luckily have another set of neighbours who don’t have a copy of my key, but DO have a big sofa. L was in and still awake when I phoned (around 9:30pm I guess).

“Yeah, no problem, come in! I’ll find you a duvet.. Do you want anything to eat? What happened?”

Within very few minutes I had a huge sofa, a blanket, a duvet and half a million cushions.

And it was warm and dry and I didn’t have to go back to work to get my key (which would have been my backup option).

And I could finally go to the toilet 🙂

L finished unloading the dishwasher and fed her animals and we yakked for a bit and watched the dog for a bit before it was time for bed (or sofa).

Instead of instantly falling asleep (which my body wanted), I started writing (because obviously the world needs to know about how I lock myself out..) and then this happened:

L knocks on the door and comes back into the sitting room.. “Jess? I’m really sorry about this.. E (her boyfriend) just phoned. He’s bringing a guy from work home for the night and I don’t think there’s enough room on the sofa for both of you…”

Oh. Well that’s great, I guess I’ll go back to work after all….

“…but I phoned the landlord and he was on his way over anyway so I asked him for your key..”

Uh.. What..? He wasn’t there earlier.. But cool! Am I asleep? Did he really just give you my key?!

“..I’m really sorry to wake you up and bother you..normally you would be really welcome to stay..I didn’t know anything about this guy coming over until just now..I’ll put your key on the table and let you get dressed..”


And that’s how I came to be sleeping in my own bed after all.


On finding the cage door

“Take the time to do the things that make you happy”

I picked up this postcard because of the message in the middle. I didn’t notice (don’t ask me how) that it was covered with pictures of keys and an open cage.

I am one step closer to opening my own cage, so it seems appropriate.

On keys and quays

– or the risks of being too tidy –

I love DB’s mum. Apart from generally being an awesome lady, she’s DB’s mother, and responsible for 50% of his genes.

She’s one of the only people I know, who can cook and serve 10 people dinner without the kitchen looking any different to before she began.

She is always well made up, with perfectly manicured (and brightly coloured) fingernails and put-together (as opposed to thrown together) clothes, [moderately high heeled] shoes and accessories. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her go anywhere without her handbag.

She doesn’t forget birthdays or anniversaries. She buys presents months in advance and never runs out of stamps or petrol.

She is a fantastic hostess and can be relied upon to provide tea amd biscuits at a minute’s notice.

She goes to sports and keep fit sessions twice a week and has various training machines at home which she actually uses.

She has an immaculate house (except for the cellar which is full of her husband’s things) and she can’t stand mess. There are ever changing displays of pretty things on the tables and sideboards and more often than not fresh flowers arranged artistically in fancy vases.

If there were prizes for good housekeeping while still being elegant she would probably win them.
If I were to compete against her in any discipline known for being remotely feminine, I would lose. Not that I am the least bit competitive 😉 I also know when I’m out of my league and not to bother entering the competition….


Yesterday I found an argument against organisation and neatness.

DB’s mum and dad drove independently to the boats house. They left one car there and drove to the Quay.

Several hours later, we’d eaten (or fed) everything edible and it had started to get cold. We took the boats to the boats house ready for the boat people to heave them out of the water and onto the trailers so we can bring them home some time next week.

Anyway, the plan was to all drive back to the Quay in DB’s Dad’s car, sort out ropes etc and drive home in our respective cars.

The reality was a little bit different.

DB’s Dad had put his keys on the nearest flat surface in DB’s Mum’s car. DB’s Mum thought they looked awfully out of place and ‘tidied them away’. Once tidied, they were not only out of sight but also out of mind. They parked, loaded the picnic onto the boat and set off to enjoy a day on the lakes…

DB’s Dad had to beg a lift back to the Quay off one of the boat people while we sat on the bank, tapping our feet and watching the sun go down.


The moral of the story? Sometimes it’s not such a bad thing to be a believer in  open plan storage. That or you should put your keys in your pocket instead of throwing them on the dashboard…

I suppose it depends on your point of view.

Ours was much improved by the gorgeous sunset 😉

On doorkeys

Is it more worrying that I try to use my house key to unlock the workshop, or the workshop key to unlock my front door???