On sheep dogs

Do sheep dogs care about the sheep who stay where they’re told? Do they even notice them? *** Today my thoughts kept circling back to sheepdogs. I don’t think I’ve spent more than a handful of hours in my whole life watching sheepdogs working, but every time I get the chance, I am impressed. Where […]

On sleeping in the doghouse

The radio comes on loudly, waking us up the way it does every morning. DB sits up and looks across at the dog (C) we’re looking after, who’s sleeping on the floor next to his side of the bed. DB: (excited) Good morning C! It’s time to get up! Yup yup yup! It really is! […]

On yelling

Early evening. Dark, except for a few streetlights. A couple with a dog. Walking. Behind them, at the far end of a side street 2 figures can just about be made out in the shadows. Yelling. Shouting. Mean words, angry voices. Screams. “Help!” Shrieks. “Help! Let go of me! Help! He’s going to kill me! […]

On my problem with dogs

Dogs are fine. I don’t want one, but I can see the attraction of having it love you devotedly, of going for long walks with it, of snuggling upĀ  with it while reading. In return for those things I could probably put up with the muddy pawprints, with feeding it, with generally looking after it. […]