FROGS!! :)

    Added later: DB told me to remind anyone thinking of making/having their own barrel pond, that they have to get the frogs out of it in autumn before it freezes and take them to the closest lake. Thank you for being kind to the wildlife near you.   

On a roll

I have a new job!! 🙂 I start in February 🙂 Gives me time to move house, go skiing and visit my folks before people expect great things of me 😉 and that in spite of being stuck in the current job until Christmas. Actually, that’s not bad either – it means I get paid […]

On being better than you think you are…

I skiied down my first black run today. I didn’t know it was black at the time. It was 4:30 pm. We’d skiied for just over 2 hours on a new (for us) resort. We’d finished skiing on the ‘little lifts’ at the top of the hill/mountain and were on our way back to the […]