On creating a ‘real’ website

No. Not one for notthrowingstones. Not yet anyway. This is a new website for the company I work for. Yes. I know it’s the weekend. That’s not really important. What is important is that I have managed to download the WordPress editor onto the hosting company /programme and start making pages and playing with layouts. […]

On glass spirals

I have somehow earned the reputation for being good at making glass spirals. It started when I was practising for the Meister exam. The man who would become my current boss, but who was back then my ‘coursework’ supervisor told the president of the German glassblowing society that I had a fascinating technique but produced […]

On unfinished business

They’ve been working on the corridor where I work for months – at least 6, maybe longer. They bashed a hole in the wall and took out a door or two. Apparently they joined a couple of rooms together. Whatever. It was noisy and dusty and I hope they’re nearly finished. Today, they painted over […]

On forced free time

I am a glassblower. I work with hot glass. In order to heat the glass I rely on a steady supply of gas. Methane for anyone interested. Someone in the building where I work is busy building something. I have no idea what it is they’re building, but it’s loud and dusty and resulted in […]

On leaving windows (or not)

I have been given the ‘opportunity’ (read: taken it upon myself) to get rid of XP from the work computers and make them ‘safe’ again*. At work there are 2 computers in use and a 3rd in another room waiting for a cable to connect it to The Internet. None of the staff are especially […]

On not existing part 3

I phoned the passport office in the UK and they apparently don’t have the facilities to write an email to say that they’ve got my passport and are working on the new one. They are also unable to tell me how long it will take, the new system’s having a paddy so the 4 weeks […]

On not existing part 2

I’m waiting to talk to the 3rd person about not existing. He’s in a meeting. Ho-hum. I am not really any further than I was before. This is more of a field trip than an investigation. However, I do know that people are more officious the further down the food chain they are.

On the train to work

Today is my first ‘proper’ day at work in Berlin. (I went to talk to everyone and sort out my workbench last week, but I couldn’t start until my insurance came through. One of them still hasn’t, but I can’t really push my starting date further back than it already is…….) The journey there is […]

On broken glass and freedom

Yesterday I cleared my workshop of almost every trace of my existence. I say ‘almost’, because I left my ex-colleague something to remember me by: This is a box of broken glass bigger and heavier than you can move around easily, and less substantial than it would need to be to pick up and pour […]

On facing the music

– or not as the case may be. When I first handed my notice in, I thought there’d be a whole lot of trouble – my soon-to-be-ex Colleague is a grumpy git at the best of times – but he didn’t have anything to say when I said I was leaving and everyone else was […]