On change

Sometimes you get to the point where you have to change something. Until then, you can cope and cope and cope. That moment. The one that changes everything, can be tiny. One you might overlook if it didn’t happen at the exact right time. There’s a special combination of attitude and exhaustion and hope and […]

On winning the long way round

I had an idea at the beginning of November. People thought it was good but the people in charge thought we should put it on the back burner for later. For a couple of days it was prodded and stirred. Then it was put aside, to rest and wait for better weather. At some point […]

On writing it out

– or “don’t write back in anger” (Written yesterday; I fell asleep in the middle if the last sentence..) Yesterday (Monday) I was mad at a situation involving several people and several opinions. Today (Tuesday), I wrote them all an email. It took me a good part of the morning to get it into something […]

On the news

“The news” (as a whole) keeps telling me that scary things are happening in the world at the moment. I’m not too keen on scary things so I plucked up lots of courage as I walked past the newspaper salesman and risked a passing glance at the headlines on my way to the station. According […]

On firsts

Today was a day of firsts. Not only did I drive the best part of 600km across Germany, I also ate at a restaurant by myself :). In addition, there were a whole heap of smaller and/or tiny firsts, including mending/editing the directory of the work’s computer to get it to recognise the user profile, […]